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Hyperglycinemia: Innate Errors of Metabolism

  • By Julia San Miguel Rodríguez, Julita Rodríguez Barbero, Angel San Miguel Hernández*, Angel San Miguel Rodríguez, María San Miguel Rodríguez
  • Further Biomedicine 1 (1) (2021) 77-87

Innate errors of metabolism are biochemical disorders of genetic origin that cause a specific defect in the structure or function of the protein molecules involved in a metabolic pathway. Hyperglycinemia, or elevation of glycine in the blood, occu Read more

Alcat Test (food intolerance test): Assessment of its Clinical Utility

  • By Julia San Miguel Rodríguez, Angel San Miguel Hernández, Angel San Miguel Rodríguez, María San Miguel Rodríguez
  • Further Biomedicines 1(1) (2021): 57-76 -- 6 September 2021

Food allergy is an IgE-type response in which the immune system is involved. And there is an activation of mast cells and basophils that secrete histamine-type immune mediators, such as histamine itself, prostaglandins, leukotrienes and proteases, Read more

Biomedicine in 21st century by Huaier: The practical health maintenance and successful recovery from cancer

  • By Manami Tanaka, Tomoo Tanaka, Fei Teng, Hong Lin, Ning Li, Zhu Luo, Sotaro Sadahito, Toshiyuki Suzuki, Ding Wei and Zhengxin Lu
  • Further Biomedicines 1(1) (2021): 33-56. -- 12 August 2021

Cell is full of signals and networks, which link intensively each other. In Figure 1, the symbolic network, intra-cellular multi-signal trafficking on metabolic pathways were shown with a comparison to integrated c Read more

Molecular Diagnostic Study of Causes of Anaphylaxy During One Year of Follow-Up

  • By Alicia Armentia Medina, Angel San Miguel Rodríguez, Blanca Martín-Armentia, Sara Martín-Armentia, Angel San Miguel Hernández
  • Further Biomedicines, 1(1) (2021), 15-32. -- 10 August 2021

Anaphylaxis is a severe and rapidly onset hypersensitivity reaction. It is triggered by the patient's contact, previously sensitized, with different external agents. The aim of the study has been to discover the causes of individualized anaphy Read more

Evaluation of Invitro Anti-Inflammatory Potential of Aqueous Solaum Aethiopicum (Garden Egg) Leaf Extract

  • By Olasunkanmi Adedoyin Adetutu, Afuye Oyewale Olukorede
  • Further Biomedicines, 1(1) (2021), 1-14 -- 16 July 2021

Inflammation is a part of the complex biological response of vascular tissues to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells or irritants. This study is aimed at evaluating the invitro antiinflammatory potential of aqueous leaves extract of Read more