Applied Science and Computer Mathematics

Fuzzy β-γ-open sets and fuzzy β-γ-open mappings

  • By C. Sivashanmugaraja, S. Antony Jerold
  • Applied Science and Computer Mathematics, 2(2) (2021), 66-71


In this paper, we introduce the notions of β-γ-closed sets, β-γ-open maps, β*-γ-open maps and β-γ- continuity in fuzzy topological spaces. We explore the relationship between open sets, γ-open sets, β-open sets and β-γ-open sets in fuzzy settings. In addition, we explore the relationships between fuzzy β-γ-open and fuzzy β*-γ-open mappings. We prove that the composition of two fuzzy β*-γ-open mappings is also a fuzzy β*-γ-open, while the composition of two fuzzy β-γ-open mappings need not be fuzzy β-γ-open. Some useful and important basic properties of these sets and mappings are also obtained.