Applied Science and Computer Mathematics

Some Applications of Partial differential Equations on Cancer Research

  • By Masoud Saravi, Sayeh Saravi
  • Applied Science and Computer Mathematics 2(2), (2021), 11-20


This is a continuous wok to our previous paper on cancer research. As we mentioned there, since the tumor grows voraciously, the scientists and mathematicians have tried to have a better understanding how it grows using Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs). Now, we are going to introduce some other tumor growth modellings which deal with Partial Differential Equations (PDEs). Usually, the models of tumor growth consist of a coupled system of PDEs whose spatial domain is the tumor that changes in size over time and gives some ideas on relation between such equations and tumor growth of cancer cells. In this paper, which is a collection of some PDEs extracted from several papers, we show how PDEs help to provide mathematical models in tumor growth. Readers can refer to references of this paper to have more idea about such equations.