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Aims and Scope

Applied Science and Computer Mathematics is an international open access journal of related with science and technology improvement. It publishes surveys papers, regular research papers and brief communications. Our aim is to encourage the scientists and analysts to publish their experimental and theoretical results more detail as conceivable. Consequently, there's no confinement on the length of the papers. The complete exploratory points of interest must be given so that the results can be reproduced. 

Applied Science and Computer Mathematics gives a gathering for publishing papers which development in point by point understanding of the relationship between in the related fields. It publishes in all the aspects of Chemistry And Chemical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Material, And Mechanical Engineering, Biology, Biological And Bio System Engineering, Food And Agriculture Engineering, Computer Science And Engineering, Earth Science And Engineering, Space Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Architecture And Civil Engineering, Environment Science And Engineering, Basic Science In Engineering Education, Approximation Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization, Mathematical Programming, Operations Research, Discrete Mathematics And Graph Theory, Communication And Data Networks, Computational Geometry, Data Structures, Differential Equations, Image Processing With Applications, Iterative Methods And Algorithms, Machine Learning, Markov Chains And Simulation, Numerical Analysis, Algebraic Topology, Mathematical And Computational Biology, Dynamical Systems, Functional Analysis. It is intended to publish only high-quality papers containing material not published elsewhere.

Copyright and Open Access

Applied Science and Computer Mathematics all articles published in Further Science are based on the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). Authors hold the entire copyright of the articles. The following contents will be added by Further Science as follows:

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Indexing and Archiving

Working in progress. Since it is a newly launched journal, we hope to be covered by several majorindexing/abstracting services.

Article Processing Charge (APC)

All accepted articles publish in the journal as open access with no APC.

Editorial Office

Applied Science and Computer Mathematics,
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